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In a flash of flames, Isop had transformed. The plan seemed to be and good one, albeit temporary. Scribble couldn't seen how it could ever go wrong. "Ah... okay. Just be careful. A Changeling in Canterlot would cause a stir like you wouldn't believe..." Especially after an invasion like the one they had went through.

Whenever the Changeling left, Scribble would turn to the Diamond Dog beside him, a worn look on his face. Ako was gone, Isop had left to buy time, Stompson was Celstia knows where.... The group was shrinking much faster then anticipated. "Feels like we've been here forever... Let's try and figure out what's going on, okay?"

For what it was worth, it wasn't much farther to the door they were seeking; a regular- at least to the normal eye- green door. Scribble eyed it intensely, expecting.... well, he wasn't entirely sure what to expect. Maybe nothing? Maybe something.

"Well... here goes..."

Wrapping a hoof around the handle, he slowly pulled it open...
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Seeing the fat blob of a pony hesitate a little too long, Riptide surged forward, throwing her captives into one another with a nasty cracking noise. Tentacles free again, she grabbed Moneyslobber or what ever his name was and bodily launched him out the front door with a snap of her tentacle. "Sharpwit, get a move on!" She roared as the goons finally managed to pull themselves together to counter attack.
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I'm sorry. I'd like to keep playing in this rp, but I can't seem to work up as much energy for it anymore.

I want to keep going but... I don't know.
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Ok, multiplying kappacinos and Chaos Ballistae have confirmed they'll be staying around. Nexas and Sharp, if you'll let us know where you stand we can get a move on.
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 I guess I'll still be posting for Caine
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 Here's one in agreement, whatever happens from here on.
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Ok. So the plan is we try and actually use our characters to push the story from now on as opposed to simply reacting to events. We'll follow the outline nM came up with but we'll do it with our characters. Which means you need to be more careful in how your character approaches things. Everybody leave a reply either agreeing or disagreeing with this (if you disagree, pleas state why) and do so within say....three days. Otherwise we'll assume you no longer care about the RP and your character will be put on autopilot until we can find some time to conveniently dump them somewhere.
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Right. We need to discuss where and how we want to go from hereon in, which will include deciding whether you want to continue or not. I know Anarchy Archer is still game and I'm going to stick with the RP as long as possible. So Nexas and Sharpwit, we need to know where you two stand on this. Also I have no idea if notMurphy is going to stick around to play Cain or not. Also we need to communicate far better than we have been. So if post your email if you have one or if not that post your preferred method of communicating. My email is doombycats@gmail (identify yourself) and my Steam name is Zervziel
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Ok. This is getting stupid. I hate having to interrupt here but frankly this is the only reliable way I have to communicate with the entire group. When we started this RP we promised to post at least once a week but now it's getting to where a good portion of the month goes by without any posting. This has got to stop. I still want to finish the RP but a RP needs people to actually be active. Things need to change. notMurphy, you either need to pull yourself together or step down as RP Leader. You can stay and play as Cain (in fact I'd encourage it as I think I can speak for all of us in saying I'd hate to see you leave), but seriously this shit is getting old. We've talked about this several times and while you apologized for doing it once before, you've done it again and again. I can understand you've had some rough times recently, but just leaving us in the dark for weeks on end, posting once or twice before disappearing again without notice is not only annoying, it's slowing us down.
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As the group started for the stairs, following Scribble's lead, Isop paused mis-step. Trotting back past several book cases, he managed to get a view of the main entrance. Sure enough the blue unicorn and the gold pegasus were still tied up at the moment, but eventually the officious duo would get past the crowd and be on their tail again. Ducking back before he could get spotted, Isop galloped back to his comrades. Thankfully he managed to catch them as Cain was ducking his head on the staircase to avoid the ceiling. "Scribble, Cain!" He called. "You guys go ahead and meet up with AKo and Ray. I'll try and draw off our tail back there." In a flash of green fire, a young colt stood in his place. "And do hurry up. I don't know how long I can distract them."
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 Ako scrambled along the tops of shelves, getting away from the majority of crowds easily as it was hard to track her over the tops of shelves. Once she found an easy way up onto the second floor, by way of a rather heavy-duty tapestry that looked rather new and now looked a bit torn, the swordsgryphon clambered up over onto an empty balcony. Ako looked to her right and left, then spun around, looking for anypony nearby with her sword still drawn. 

'Empty... perfect... that crowd was terrible...' 

Lowering her guard, Ako gulps and touches her slung wings gently. She yelps softly at the pain, and tears swell up a bit before she can will them away. 

'Ah... ack... my poor wings... that run didn't do anything good for them...'

Shivering just a little as she regains her bearings, Ako blinks, remembering the signal. 

'Retreat to higher ground... second floor, green door?' 

Carefully rewrapping her sword in the cloth Hualpa had brought it in, the tawny gryphon very carefully slides it into one of her splints, grunting a little as she jostles her injury, managing to hold in another yelp. Once the sword is stowed, she starts wandering around the second floor, looking for a green door, and wondering why there seemed to be nopony around. 

-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -

It took her a few minutes to find it, finally opening the worn green door carefully and peering in. There didn't seem to be anypony in the room, no lights either besides the windows overlooking some part of the city outside. After determining it was safe to come in, Ako wearily stepped in and shut the door, already starting to regret trying to 'sheathe' her newly reacquired sword in her wing's cast. She proceeded to carefully remove it, wincing yet again as the movement jostled her shattered limbs. 

After removing it, she started to look for a place to sit down. 

'This is the place... right? Maybe there's someone here that know of the calls we used...?' 

That was about when she saw the gryphonian corner, a small corner of the room with furniture she recognized, as well as scrolls that looked like those in the style she'd grown up with. Ako stumbled over, setting her wrapped sword on the small table, looking amazed. 

'This... why is this here? Why have things from my homeland...?' 

Once she had laid down on a small set of cushions for guests, Ako spotted a book on the table, bookmarked in several places. The cover read: 'The Myths and Legends of the Gryphonian Lands'. 

It only took a few cautious turns of pages to get the gryphon lost in her old favorite pastime. 

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 The Diamond Dog nodded, mouth set in a frown of contemplation.
"One wonders if the Doctor might not rush into this because it is an obvious trap."

Cain spared one last concerned glance at the space above the bookshelves that Ako had recently departed, then turned to lumber after the other travelers.
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Scribble rubbed his eyes, feeling confusion mixing in with the prevalent frustration of the moment. He was getting tired, and they were drawing so much attention. It was time to get out of here.

"It would be a trap, since it's us." He sighed, there was really no getting out of it though. "But maybe we'll get some answers."

His gaze went back to the stacks of books Ako had just been standing on. "...Ako'll just have to catch up with us."
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Noticing the slip of paper that had been given to the blue pony by a random pony, Fabled Tails trotted over.

"What have you got there, Scribble?" he blurted out. When the earth pony showed him the abrupt message the xenoling couldn't help but feel skeptical.

"If the initials are correct, then this may be the very pony we came to find." He frowned. "Could also be a trap." The hybrid turned to the massive canid next to him. "What do you think, Cain?"
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"Now let me think." Riptide growled, keeping her eyes on the bloated pony. Ignoring the moans of pain from the wounded pegasus in her grasp, Riptide thought hard. From what Sharpwit said, there was another pony around that had taken the actual shot, but ultimately it was an order from this fat pony that had killed her. And while she decided this Moneygrubber had to go down, she couldn't silence the little voice in her head pointing out that at some point in the future, that she'd have to give a similar order to kill. Only in her case it would be to unleash her fellow kelpies on an unsuspecting empire. Other ponies may have been angered by the casualness of Grubber's claim, but to somepony who had to kill to eat, it didn't matter as much as who he decided it was necessary to kill.

"Unfortunately, you have nothing of immediate value to me. However, I've heard that you have changelings in your employ which means you must be a confidant of their queen. While you have nothing of interest for me, I have something for her. A message, one you can either deliver personally or send one of your more trusted minions. It is not something Queen whateverhername is would appreciate being kept from her. Tell her that while she has forgotten us, my people certainly have not forgotten her or her kin. Vol Oros is rising and the hunt is on."

Riptide punctuated her little speech by prodding the pegasus's wound with the tip of her tentacel, prompting a shriek of pain.
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Ako ignored the blue pony's calls from below. Even if she had been inclined to listen she was now too invested in her actions to 'back down', as it were. In the midst of trying to figure out where exactly she could retreat to from her precarious position, her ears caught an improbably set of sounds: birdcalls from species that neither would have resided in this monstrosity of a city, nor near each other.

In moments her old training had come back, the coded signals used to disguise troop dispersal when facing he occasional untrained band of mercenaries or skirmishing with the odd band of ponies from the far south. She frowned at the thought, but was distracted when the calls began again. The message was clear: retreat to higher ground. Second... floor (the usage was odd, but comprehensible), door of green... room?

As much as it might annoy her to take advice from an unseen source with no explanations given, anything seemed better than remaining in her current predicament. And if some fool wished to stage an ambush, a grin curled on her beak, that would give her an excuse to vent some of her frustrations on a worthy target.

Scribble groaned in frustration as the griffoness took to the air without a backward glance, disappearing into the stacks. 'Because this isn't already an impossible enough task we've been set.'

"Um, excuse me?" A random pony repeated, for what was probably the third time, not quite touching the blue stallion's shoulder.

Scribble glanced back. "Yes?" He didn't have the energy to startle at the interruption.

"Uh, somepony asked me to give you this note, just now."

The writing pony took the crumpled piece of paper, and then caught the departing pony, "Wait, when did the pony ask you to do that?"

"Just. Now. Like I said."

Scribble shrugged, not bothering to ask for a description he wasn't going to get a straight answer about in any case. Instead he examined the hastily scrawled note:

Please wait five minutes and then proceed to the Green Room (second floor, specializing in world history).

He turned the note over, to make sure there wasn't anything on the other side. "Uh, okay?" Scribble muttered to nopony in particular, only to realize he had the attention of a xeno-changeling and diamond dog. The loud unicorn seemed to have wandered off inexplicably.


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 Sharp readied himself for an all-out brawl with Grubber's goons, only for a dark shadow to fall over all of them. Looking up, he let out an audible sigh of relief upon seeing the familiar visage of Riptide looming all of them.

"Well, I believe introductions are in order," the kelpie growled, her eyes flickering hungrily to the crime lord. "Sharpwit, who is this whale of a pony and is he the one responsible for Primeval's current condition?"
Sharp grinned at his associate. "Riptide, I would love to introduce you to Don Money Grubber, a local crime boss here in Canterlot. And yes, he IS responsible for Primeval's curent condition, as it was one of his hired guns that shot her.
The Don looked up to the kelpie in fear. "Wait a sec now!" he wheezed worriedly. "You gotta understand, it was nothin' personal! I mean, it's just business here, lady! If someone gets in my way, my guys gotta take em down!" His eyes darted every which way, as he looked for a way nout. "I'm a very rich stallion, you know! Perhaps I can make it up to you?"
The kelpie grinned, showing off her sharp chompers. "Hmm... Now let me think," she mused, her hungry gaze never leaving the fat pony.
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"Ako!" Scribble dashed forward, just missing the Griffon as she began to climb the bookcase. Truthfully, he had no idea what she was talking about, which annoyed him even more. Not knowing things sucked.

"It's the biggest library in all of Equestria, of course it's going to be noisy in here." He watched her climb up, unable to stop her in any way or form. "Ako, what are you doing?"
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 "I hate this place!" Ako hisses, her eyes meeting Scribble's. "Quiet? I can't imagine that anyone can read over this! I can't even hear myself think!" 

She waves her empty clawed hand around, gesturing around at the quieted patrons gathered around their booths and idols. Her other foreleg switches around in an opposite pattern to keep herself upright, sending her blade in an arc behind her. 

"And apparently none of you can hear me either," She hisses, glaring at the group behind Scribble before falling back down onto three legs, sword held to one side. "So I think I'll just solve this problem myself!" 

Then, after crouching briefly, Ako jumps onto a nearby bookcase. She lands on it about halfway up, out of reach. Then she starts to climb.


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Riptide marched down the hallway towards the sounds of fighting which was interrupted by another shot. Flinching a bit at the sudden sharp sound, the kelpie's mood became even more dire, her mass of tentacles already writhing in her barely contained rage.

Legs now practically slamming into the marble hallway with each step, Riptide finally happened upon Sharpwit and Golden Scales. An obese pony had already wounded the elder pony in the leg with one of those infernal weapons. That was bad enough, but now the bloated skinsack was siccing his subordinates on the two!

Shooting two of her tentacles out, Riptide brought two of the four goon ponies down and began dragging them towards her, their surprised shouts quickly cut off as the tentacles started to squeeze them tight.

However it was enough that everypony turned to look what had a hold of the two goons. In the fat pony's moment of distraction, Riptide saw a chance for a more practical application use of magic. A flowing blue glow surrounded the crimelord's gun before it was forcefully yanked away from him.

The foul contraption now floating safely above every ponies reach, Riptide took an exploratory bite from the pegasus goon in her left tentacle. The green pony gave a muffled gasp of pain at the small chunk of flesh now removed from his shoulder.

"Well, I believe introductions are in order. Sharpwit, who is this whale of a pony and is he the one responsible for Primeval's current condition?" She growled from around her snack.


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