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Sharp, as if in a trance, closed his eyes, simply accepting the course of events. He began to feel the griffon's warm breath on his face-

"INTRUDER ALERT!" a small robotic voice blared loudly, causing the pair to nearly hit the ceiling. "YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO BE HERE!"

The Inspector looked down to see a small tin dog was the source of the noise. Feeling his face turn red with embarrassment, he turned to Ako with a nervous smile. "Well, that killed the moment, didn't it?" he chuckled wryly.

"...Scribble." He answered slowly. "My name is Scribble." He gestured to the armored pony on the bed. "This is Primeval. We're both traveling with the Doctor, along with a few others."

Now there was another companion on the ship? Just what was going on around here?

"Look, "Doctor"? I think there's been some sort of problem." He tried to explain. "I don't think you two are supposed to be here. Or maybe we're not supposed to be here. Either or."

The proto-pony stirred at mention of her name. "Mrrh. Ugh... where..." she very slowly sat up. She took in all three of the other inhabitants of the room with apprehension, eventually settling on Scribble, even though his stomach turned at her hesitance. "S-Scribble? Who are these ponies?"

Leaping into the narrow gap in coversation, the pony identified as Romana spoke. "My name is Romana, I am not from your world, I am a traveler from the planet Gallopfrey, and recently I have been traveling with this fellow here, whom insists upon being called 'The Doctor'."

Primeval nodded slowly. "I ... hmm..." megabits of information flittered through her mind. "I see. Then you are the second time pony I have met." Before Romana could ask, the purple proto-pony pursued her point, "For Scribble and I, along with several others, have been traveling with another ... regeneration? Hm, yes, another regeneration of the Doctor."

The probable Doctor's eyes lit up as his smile widened to almost terrifying proportions. "I knew it! Do you know what this means, Romana!?"

She sighed, "That the TARDIS we 'lost' truly was yours?"

The Doctor frowned, "Well, yes, that's true as well; but–

"That these are future companions of yours?"

"Oh don't be dull, that's obvious. What I mean is–

"That this eohippus is obviously the evolutionary we weren't able to find last time?"

The time stallion paused, "you know, I hadn't considered that. Fascinating..." he trailed off in consideration.

The time mare waited several seconds as dead silence filled the room. Eventually she sighed, "You're going to be pouty until I apologize for interrupting you, aren't you? Very well, I am sorry I didn't allow you to–

The bescarfed pony spoke as though he hadn't heard his companion, "But what I was getting at before is that I do in fact make it past my eighth regeneration! I mean, I've spent so much time dealing with the other seven, and none of us ever met any later regenerations. Perhaps now I can learn why."

"Um, e-excuse me– Scribble began.

Romana had already begun speaking and didn't seem to notice the earth pony's interjection. "But number five did say that one time he met a spiky haired brown version for a very short time, didn't he?"

The Doctor waved this away. "Oh nopony takes anything he says seriously. Could easily have been one of us on a bad day," he sniffed and quietly added, "besides, he said that rogue regeneration thought number five was his favorite, which is impossible."

"Hold it!" Scribble cried, nearly drowning is a sea of exposition. "Everpony here has questions, and it seems like a lot of them center on the... um, 'my'... no, on the Doctor we," he gestured between himself and Primeval, "came here with... at least I really hope he's here..." the blue stallion trailed off, realizing he had no real evidence that the Doctor of his time... let alone any of the others, were even on this TARDIS... what if he was stuck here? What if he had to travel with this obnoxious hat-wearing Doctor until they just happened to hit a time period relatively close to his own....

"No, no no! He's got to be here, this isn't how a story ends... I won't let it, we can write a better ending." He realized both that he was speaking aloud, and that he was staring at the pen which was somehow back in his hoof. "I..." he couldn't even bring himself to look at Primeval, he didn't want to know what she was thinking.

"Well I certainly like the sentiment, write our own ending indeed." The time stallion chuckled. "But we have a very easy way of resolving this." He trotted over to the door panel and banged on it a few times. "K-9, can you hear me?"

"Yes, I Can Hear You //Master. Your contact is fortuitous, I have discovered two unregistered passengers in hallway intersection 23b."

"Really?" the dark brown pony's eyes twinkled with amusement. "What do they look like?"

"Subjects are a dark gray pegasus, equestrian, male, and a gryphon, pumas falconis, also equestrian, scans indicate female."

Romana looked up from her quiet converation with the lavender eohippus, "hold on a tick, those are the snoggers I saw earlier!"

"Wait, what's a 'snogger'?" Scribble asked.

"Really? I don't remember you mentioning it." the Doctor replied to the time mare.

"Well I certainly did. It was the first thing I said when I entered the room. I knew you weren't listening!"

The brown stallion waved a hoof, "In any case, I think we should all go and see these snoggers."

The blue pony groaned, "really? Nopony is going to tell me what the hay a 'snog' is?"

Primeval paused, probably getting more information from her suit's computer, and blushed, deeply. "I... I think it means Ako and the Inspector are... getting along better."

Ako jumped at the dog's voice, stumbling back a few steps from Sharpwit as he looked down at it. Once she herself had realized it was K-9 that had interrupted them, the gryphon's face darkened. A few quick steps brought her next to the robotic dog, which she loomed over with a menacing glare. One of her hands found the hilt of a sword, half drawing it in preparation.

"K-9..." She hissed quietly. "I highly suggest..."

A small smile crossed her face moments before she finished her sentence, as Ako cranked up the volume on her voice box. Her next words echoed around the inside of the TARDIS, and made her own wings unintentionally shiver as she raised then up behind her.

"That. You. Run."

Now her smile widened and eyes narrowed, and as she slowly began to close the remaining gap between herself and K-9 draw her newer sword and flipping it dangerously around. Careful with it... she thought to herself, glancing at the Inspector for a moment as her intentionally scary look faltered. Don't want to hit him by mistake...

The immobile metal box managed to look confused, somehow. "Negative, this unit is not equipped with legs. Pausing... new orders received from //Mistress, evacuation procedure engaged."

With a low hum and a static crackle, the trapezoidal construct rose into the air and began to hover along the hallway, soon passing out of sight.

The Doctor frowned at his companion, "Really, Romana, you indulge these fancies of yours far too often."

The time mare snickered, "well, Mr. Pot, I'll certainly remember that on our next excursion."


A blank expression spread across the earth pony's face, his jaw slowly dropping. Both Primeval and Scribble seemed to share the same thoughts.

"Getting along bett-....... I-I... uh, well.... at least they're not arguing anymore." Scribble cleared his throat and picked his jaw back up. "That's... good for them..."

The moment of silence that washed over the med bay was broken when the "Doctor" chose to open his big mouth once again. "Excuse me, I believe we should all be going to meet these snoggers, wouldn't you say? No sense in leaving anyone behind."

"Uh, yeah." Scribble half-nodded, his attention not on the time pony at the moment. "Give us a second."

Scribble turned to Primeval, finding himself unable to look her in the eye now. He simply turned his gaze to the floor and let it stay there. The feeling in the pit of his stomach left him feeling horrible. What was it? "Listen, I.... I'm sorry. Really sorry. Incredibly sorry. I only wanted to help you and... I think I nearly killed you with my stupidity." he shuddered, almost sobbing. "You have every reason to hate me for it, and I wouldn't object if you did."


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